We take the heritage of BC Bud seriously.

For decades, the term ‘BC Bud’ has been a mark of quality

Whether grown in the Kootenays, on the Island, or in the Okanagan, cannabis harvested in British Columbia has been respected here at home and around the world for what it is: the best of the best.

Cultivators in BC have always pushed the boundaries of what ‘AAAA’ quality cannabis can really be, innovating their way through every challenge. The BC Bud Co captures that energy, and remains committed to bringing consumers products that deserve to be associated with BC’s legacy.

Trust, quality, and value, for a brand that matches your lifestyle.

The BC Bud Co is a house of brands with a commitment to quality, a deep love for cannabis, and a trusted history in the industry that put our home on the map. You can’t have a brand name like ours without recognizing the responsibility that comes with it. We take the heritage of BC Bud seriously.

It’s why we are joining the best craft cultivators and partners to bring high-end flower, plus inhouse extract, beverage, edible and apparel brands to you–the informed consumer.

Brand Partnerships

The BC Bud Co promotes quality and consistency by partnering exclusively with the best small-batch cannabis cultivators. Our partners take great pride in their craft, and we do too.

Dunesberry Farms is The BC Bud Co’s first dried flower partnership and supply agreement. DBF has a highly knowledgable team combined with unique and new genetics to provide the market with uncommon high quality profile flower

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We have a manufacturing agreement with Black Rose Organics for Canna Beans, our decaf chocolate-covered coffee bean. Located in Ontario, the company uses only the finest sourced beans and chocolate.

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Habitat will allocate 40% of each harvest from their “Cake and Caviar” cultivars for hash and rosin. Upon completion, our brand Solventless Solutions will have the freedom to outsource products under our name or outsource the service to potential partners.

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Our team is comprised of founders genuinely passionate about the industry