The BC Bud Co launches 6 new products into British Columbia

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VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – May 18th, 2023 – The BC Bud Corporation (“The BC Bud Co.” or the “Company”), a house of high-quality cannabis brands based out of British Columbia, Canada, is proud to announce the launch of six new products, including two live hash rosin budders, two live hash rosin-infused BCBC flower PR strains, a Mosambi Live Hash Rosin Vape Cart, and Alaskan Thunder F (ATF) 2 x 1 g A PR flower SKU.

The BC Bud Co. has partnered with Cedar Organics, a Vancouver Island-based outdoor trichome cultivator and live concentrate producer, and their partner Common Roots Extracts, an offshoot of Synthite Industries, one of the world’s largest botanical extraction companies, to create a full range of both solvent and solvent-free live concentrate products and formulations for direct delivery and provincial distribution.

“After years of hard learning experiences, we are beyond happy to see our live concentrates getting onto to BC store shelves with a brand that shares our commitment to quality.  Together, we will deliver a full range of artisanal solvent-free products that are the purest and most true-to-plant cannabis concentrates available”, said Greg Kasting, Founder and General Manager of Cedar Organics.  “Cedar’s entire team proudly stands behind these products, and the quality of the products will speak for themselves.”

“We are thrilled to enter these unique products into our home province, BC, as it’s a key strategy for The B.C. Bud Co.’s brand growth,” said Josh Taylor, President of The B.C. Bud Co. “Over time, we aim to bring these new products to consumers in additional provincial markets and let them experience the quality of The B.C. Bud Co. We are excited to continue to innovate and bring new and valuable products to the cannabis market.”

The two live hash rosin dab products, Mosambi Live Hash Rosin and Narang Tang Live Hash Rosin, are produced using traditional solventless techniques and are handcrafted from Cedar Organics’ premium sun-grown cannabis.

The two live hash rosin-infused BCBC flower PR strains, Mosambi Live Hash Rosin Infused BCBC Flower PR and Narang Tang Live Hash Rosin Infused BCBC Flower PR, provide a potent and flavorful experience. These strains are perfect for those who are looking for a more intense cannabis experience.

The Mosambi Live Hash Rosin Vape Cart is a convenient and discreet way to consume this high-quality product. Made with 100% pure, full-spectrum cannabis extract, this vape cart delivers a smooth and flavorful experience for the premium cannabis category.

Finally, the BCBC is proud to launch their Alaskan Thunder F (ATF) 2 x 1g flower SKU into the BCLDB, a classic sativa cultivar well known from the legacy market.

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The B.C. Bud Co. is a house of brands created by industry professionals who are passionate about the user experience. 

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